Merzouga luxury desert camp Morocco

Experience Merzouga luxury desert camp Morocco


Most of travelers who travel to visit Morocco Sahara desert; definitely go explore and experience Erg Chebbi sand dunes to enjoy; and spend an overnight stay in the Merzouga luxury desert camp Morocco, bivuac in the middle of nowhere. Camping in Morocco is a once in a lifetime experience and the Sahara adventure trip; is an integral element to the experience. We love to welcome our guest travelers, from all over the world to spend a romantic night; sleep under the clear starry sky of Morocco’s favorite and popular destination.

Merzouga luxury desert camp Morocco
Overnight in a desert camp

Imagine yourself with us enjoying your time in a land in the middle of nowhere, filled with golden sand dunes; and shooting stars above your head, amazing silence that is incomparable breaks the routine; and stress of city life and work time while sitting around the crackling campfire desert, eating delicious locally prepared meals; listening to the hypnotic rhythms of the traditional drumming music and tepic dancing. We invite you for an overnight stay in Merzouga luxury desert camp Morocco.

Our camp is a mix of traditional Berber design and modern comfort. It is adjacent to the highest dunes in Morocco. We offer diverse camping options from standard camp to private luxury camp all surrounded by magnificent sand dunes; for privacy and shelter, which offer a great vantage point for sunset and sunrise. Camping within Morocco Sahara desert offers so much more than just sleeping under Berber nomad tent; and experiencing a night in the sand dunes. The tranquility, space and the peace of the Sahara is indescribable, the night-sky boundless; the desert scenery otherworldly, and the real hospitality of morocco nomads; and much more magic things to enjoy in the vastness sahara desert….

also experience merzouga camel trekking, aand Sahara Desert adventures

Merzouga luxury desert camp Morocco 1
Sahara desert camp

If one night is not enough for you then we propose our camel ride trekking trips to spend few nights with the Berber nomads families; around Erg Chebbi sand dunes of Merzouga learning their ways of life as they are living under the Berber tents. They take care of herds of cattle, goats and camels. Trek during the day to explore the different environs; and beautiful landscapes and listen to their stories and music in the evening. These treks can be for a few days or longer; just email us for more information about this incredible adventure and life changing experience.

 Note; For more details about how to reach our Merzouga luxury desert camp Morocco, by 4×4; camel ride or by foot walking, please get in touch or browse our camel trekking services. If you are a self-driving in the desert by your own 4WD we have to provide a desert guide at Merzouga; or Hassi Labied to navigate you across the Erg Chebbi sand dunes towards the camp.